Me. As a kid.

Below are photos of me from when I was a kid(esque). I am going to make a few captions. This is where it started.

I was a girl. I dunno why they dressed me this way. Pretty sure that’s a fake smile, too. Overdid it a little. My nickname back then was “stump” because I was “short and round.”
I was teased mercilessly at home, although, surprisingly, nowhere else. No one else had any chub on them in my family.
Aw, my lil pants don’t zip. I think I wanted this shirt, but I definitely never wanted that haircut. That was forced upon me.
A lot of people in my family are very vain. This was a real turning point in my life. My father was brutal about my size in this dress. I loved the dress and thought it was so pretty, but hated the person in it. Still getting the bad haircuts. This was also there era in my life when my dad made me exercise. In front of him. While he sat on the couch smoking and drinking scotch. And mocking me. I’ll never willingly do a jumping jack again. LOL
Dad thought we should all dress exactly like he did. I was trying to grow my hair out so I could look more like a girl. My pants came from the “husky” section and Dad never let me live that down.
If you ridicule your child, this is how they feel inside. That face. Sadness and daggers.
My hair was pretty darn fabulous. LOL I was still ridiculed constantly. I was always ridiculed.

I guess, upon reflection, I wasn’t as horrible as I thought I was back then or as horrible as I was told I was. If you ridicule and fat shame your child – if you mark the soda bottles and count the cookies and punish them for being hungry after school without providing them alternatives – you are damaging your child. Just saying.

I guess I have decided that old, virtually unrecognizable pictures of me are okay.