Tomorrow is Weigh Day, Today is Okay

I am not suffering from scale-induced anxiety. I’ve been on target all week and while the scale may not reflect that tomorrow, I am zen with my behavior this week. I did what I needed to do to take care of myself. That counts. This is healthy weight loss. This is what it looks like. If the vagaries of sodium intake, water weight, hormones, (or any of the other Numbers Knocks ™ that can occur) do happen, I’m still fine.

If you are following, you know that I am doing IF and so I really only eat 2 meals a day. I try not to snack, but sometimes I do tack a snack onto my lunch. Today’s was this:

Falafel flavored crunchy chick peas. Wow, they taste just like falafel! (I mean, it’s made from chick peas, so it’s not exactly mysterious, but still…) ~130 calories of crunchy & tasty.

Anyway, I do recommend! I’m not naming names, but if you find some, try them!



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