Bonus Pound + New Crocs (lol)

I had to go to the doctor AGAIN. I have had litany of stuff go wrong with me in the past 1.5 years. But once again, it came with a bonus – their scale said I weighed 330.6.

330.6!!! That’s 29.4 pounds lost. Almost thirty, y’all!

Also, I was bored while waiting so I took a picture of my new crocs. I’m crocs4life, just like I’m fat4life, because when my feet and ankles and back were killing me, crocs saved me every night when I got home. But those old crusty black ones were getting rough. So I upgraded! (Also, turns out they were always the wrong size? Oops.)

Here’re my new croc friends (and the ubiquitous medical facility flooring, which I probably should definitely, absolutely not touch with my bare feet):

Note, I added a jibbit to match my tattoo. I told you I was a dork.



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