Monday Stats, 5/21/19 (A day late and a pound short)

My usual computer is set up on a desk the kitchen, but our kitchen is torn up because we are getting new counters, a back splash, and new electrical outlets & under cabinet lighting. Consequently, I didn’t get a chance to update yesterday. If you’ve seen some of my pictures, they are of my kitchen island (which is not affected by the renovations, but is covered up in a blanket right now!) Soon, I will be able to take pictures on any counter. Yay!

So this was “Antiobiotics Week” and it was a major struggle for me. I couldn’t fast properly and there were a lot of meals out due to the state of the kitchen, so I held on (barely) and probably screwed my calories up a few times. I try to track, but you know… restaurants.

My fasts were a mess and I’m not even sure they were accurate. I got knocked so far off my game, that tracking fasting seemed sort of pointless and I didn’t do it properly.

I started wearing a pedometer (except on the 17th, I left it at home). You can see that my steps indicate quite a sedentary lifestyle. I have no intentions at this time to try to change it specifically. I’m not setting goals or purposefully aiming at target steps. I might eventually. For now, I am observing and, when possible, opting to take a few steps where previously I might not have. For instance, concrete floors in big box stores wreak havoc on my back so I occasionally use a motorized cart. I am trying NOT to do that. Though if my back hurts before even stepping foot in the store, all bets are off.

I weighed myself today, not first thing in the morning, but still, my weight was 329.8. Considering the “official” weight I logged for last week, which was up, I am pleased to be at 329.8. And it’s .8 pounds below the weight from the doctor’s office, so we are definitely calling this a win.

I have a host of issues this week (menstrual, dehydrated from antibiotic-induced diarrhea, struggling with my torn up kitchen, not getting enough sleep because of workers and house drama, etc), but none of these are excuses. I have not had a single day where I completely threw in the towel, though I did have one day (social event) where I let myself somewhat off the hook for a few hours. I did not binge or anything, I just didn’t count each piece of cauliflower with feta dip.

So that’s the week! I’m back on my fasting and have much higher hopes for this week’s efforts.



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