Monday Stats – June 24, 2019

Here we go:

I would not call my calories this week entirely accurate. There were some meals out and it’s pretty hard to count the calories on the one piece of bread I ate at the steak house or the salad dressing that I dipped into at the Italian place. I would say – they weren’t WAY off.

My fasts were entirely accurate. Fasts are so much easier to track. Also, please note that I did pretty well getting in some longer fasts.

All that said, I did not lose much weight this week. I clocked in at 322 even. That is 38 pounds lost!

This week was pretty hard. I was super. hungry. all. week.

Anecdotally, last week was post-menstrual, and I was a starving marving all week. The hunger games didn’t quit until after the steak dinner on Friday, so a part of me is wondering if I needed some red meat or something – not a thing I have most weeks. In fact, I skew heavily vegetarian, but I do eat sliced deli chicken several times a week and a fair amount of eggs. So I don’t know. But my hunger pangs didn’t break until after the feast at Long Horn Steakhouse. Do with that what you will.

I hope to stay on track this week. I’ve got groceries on hand and feel pretty solid in my determination, so let’s be optimistic!



Monday Stats – Tuesday. Perhaps they should be Tuesday Stats?


My calories were great, and accurate! It was a lady-time week, so my expectations were not high for the scale. Just FYI.

It’s a struggle to do longer fasts these days. I’d like to hit 17 or 18 hours every day, but we eat so late now. Something about the extended daylight hours or going to the pool or whatever. At any rate, these fasts were very accurate!

And I weighed in at 323.4. That is 36.6 pounds of weight lost!

Given the bloating and the water retention and the unusual (plug your ears before this bit of TMI…) poop schedule, I was not unhappy with this weight. Any weight down, on any given day, is forward progress.

All I can say is… one day I am going to hit a major plateau and none of us are prepared for the amount of whining I am going to do at that time. LOL

If you are also on a weight loss journey, keep the faith! You can do it. You WILL do it. Just log in, every day, and keep on trucking. We can do this together.


Shrinking pains?

At 35 pounds of weight loss, even though my weight is still well into the 300’s, I’m starting to have trouble fitting my clothes. I have done a sort of half-ass Konmari on my closet several times in the past 5 years or so, so I wouldn’t say I had a lot of clothes to begin with, but now the options are pretty slim indeed. I had a few garments that were starting to hang off me. They drooped so low on my chest that I was practically flashing people. I had to toss them. I’ve had a couple losses due to attrition, because they fit so I wore them more often. I just dragged all my short sleeves out of secondary storage into primary storage, and I would guess it’s only about a foot of hanging space, plus the foot of hanging space I already had there.

I’ll be pulling tops out and trying them on whenever I get dressed. So far, 3 got tossed, because they looked super weird on my body right now. And since I’m fully committed to this, the problem is only going to get worse. I have even had to toss a few bras. I’ve never tossed a bra in my life, unless it was broken or somehow no longer functional. That was a super weird feeling. I believe I may have mentioned in a prior post that my bras are a specialty size. They aren’t cheap unless they are ill-fitting wire-free “house” bras. But even today, I’m wearing a formerly nice bra – one I saved for special occasions – I had to tighten the back and straps, but the cup is a little roomy.

Don’t worry, guys. The hideous pink pants from my only selfies are still in rotation for pajamas. (LOL) Their days are kind of numbered, though. I’ve already had to make a minor alteration to the legs so they wouldn’t flap around quite so much.

I do dread this part of the process. I do not like clothes shopping (thank god for online shopping), and I haven’t lost enough weight to dramatically change sizes. And I still really don’t like my body, plus now I can see where some excess skin is going to give me trouble (there’s a weird thigh thing that is going to get very scary looking, very quickly). Having to constantly source enough things to fit without breaking the bank on an ongoing basis is going to be tricky. If it weren’t for leggings, I’d be lost entirely.

I used to only wear skirts. For years, decades even. I haven’t pulled a skirt out of the closet in months. I should go through them and possibly order myself one, but how? I don’t even know what size to get or how long I’d be able to wear that size. I’m not all that vain, but I AM self-conscious and clothes have always been a bit of an armor for me. I wear black and long skirts and drapey things. That’s kind of my jam, even when admiring others’ fashion, but also, it’s been great for draping me in folds of fabric to disguise lumps and bumps. But the drapes have to be at least *kind of* right…

Ugh. Unanticipated consequences. Now I regret tossing out all those smaller sized clothes a few years ago. Honestly, though? I never thought I would lose weight. I wanted to and I figured I would eventually, but it wasn’t in my short term plan. It was too daunting. I figured I would get sick and that would be that.

Which is what happened, really, but the weight loss isn’t a side-effect, it’s a choice.

So here I am, in my sloppy loose clothes, but pretty happy about it overall.

Also, I had a NSV (Non-scale victory) the other day. My one chubby friend, who is also dieting, said I looked skinny! LOL For sure, that was him being kind, but he said my weight loss was noticeable and was letting me know it. He is officially the first person to say something. Very sweet!


Monday Stats, 6/10/19

Here are my stats for last week:

These are pretty accurate! We had dinner with friends last night, so I’m not 100% certain of those calories, but it wasn’t insane or anything.

The fasts were accurate!

I weighed myself this morning and clocked in at 324.2 (actually, two of the attempts came in at 323.8, but I don’t trust my scale, so I went with the higher number. I have lost 35.8 pounds. My app says that’s the size of a medium microwave oven. LOL What a weird comparison.

So let’s compare it to other things:

A big bag of cat food!

A toddler!

Seven 5-lb bags of potatoes (lol, that’s more like it. I took a sack of potatoes off each leg, my butt, my waist, my stomach, my arms combined, and… my insides, maybe? That’s kind of crazy to think about.

I couldn’t go swimming at all last week, because of constant storms around here. Maybe this week, though!

There’s not much else to report right now. I have a terrible sleep schedule and keep meaning to force myself to adhere to more of a routine, but alas, if I liked routines, I wouldn’t struggle with it. Right?

Anyhoo, I hope your journey is going well!


Monday Stats (on Tuesday). Again.

Back on track this week!

My calories were much more accurate this week, in large part because we only went out to eat once (and that was to a restaurant with published nutrition data). I don’t think my husband loved it, but honestly? He was burning through WAY too much money with his restaurant-food-lust.

My fasts were very accurate, as well. My only hiccup was that my eating window ran too late several nights. Part of that is due to some summer lifestyle stuff. Part was laziness. I did accurately capture the windows, though, so that’s an improvement over the past two weeks.

And getting back on track helped. My weight this morning was 327. I’ve lost 33 pounds.

It’s slow and not easy, but it’s working.

At this rate, sometime in September, I will break the 300 lb barrier. Conveniently, we have also planned a vacation for mid-September. Come to think of it, I may need to try to lose a few extra pounds before then as insurance against vacation-related-weight-gain. When we are on vacation, we go out to eat A LOT. I won’t have any of my normal food available, and hubby prefers to eat out anyway. I’m already prepping him that we can only go out to eat once a day, but he will never let up the pressure so I’m sure he’ll get his way more often than that.

Anyway, that’s where things stand as of now.


Stats Delayed, But Here Today!

Here’s my stats for last week:

My calories were pretty good. It wasn’t reflected in my weight, though.

I am back on track with fasting, although I have been eating later into the night which is shortening my fasts a bit. I’d like to see more 17 & 18 hours than those 16 hours one. And can you see the day that I literally watch a timer until I could eat? LOL

My weight is the same as last week.

I started out so strong and have tapered off. I think I had my formula right earlier on and that I’ve gotten overconfident about my abilities. I’ve had to ask my husband to please stop pushing for so many meals out. We need to save some money and accurately counting restaurant calories is too difficult. I don’t think I can do it 3 times a week, or whatever. I need a break from those temptations and want to focus on what I know was working for me. He’s not exactly excited. Not sure what to do about it other than choose to put myself first. I consider this a major health crisis.

Meanwhile, I have 2 other topics:

  1. I have decided what my reward will be if I stick with this for a year and a half: a dream vacation. I’m not putting a weight number goal on it, but I’m not allowed to give up on this for a year and a half. And the trip would be international so I have to lose real weight in order to be comfortable on an airplane and to walk around European cities. Fingers crossed, people.
  2. We are nearing the end on this stupid kitchen remodel. I have pictures for you!

Before & (Somewhat) After pics. I tried to duplicate the angle, but not really.

We’re still working on the hole in the cabinets. That was a lovely harvest gold wall oven that we no longer need. You get the idea, though, I’m sure!

You could call this “the power of paint”. But also floors, counters, appliances, and backsplash. LOL


Monday Stats, 5/21/19 (A day late and a pound short)

My usual computer is set up on a desk the kitchen, but our kitchen is torn up because we are getting new counters, a back splash, and new electrical outlets & under cabinet lighting. Consequently, I didn’t get a chance to update yesterday. If you’ve seen some of my pictures, they are of my kitchen island (which is not affected by the renovations, but is covered up in a blanket right now!) Soon, I will be able to take pictures on any counter. Yay!

So this was “Antiobiotics Week” and it was a major struggle for me. I couldn’t fast properly and there were a lot of meals out due to the state of the kitchen, so I held on (barely) and probably screwed my calories up a few times. I try to track, but you know… restaurants.

My fasts were a mess and I’m not even sure they were accurate. I got knocked so far off my game, that tracking fasting seemed sort of pointless and I didn’t do it properly.

I started wearing a pedometer (except on the 17th, I left it at home). You can see that my steps indicate quite a sedentary lifestyle. I have no intentions at this time to try to change it specifically. I’m not setting goals or purposefully aiming at target steps. I might eventually. For now, I am observing and, when possible, opting to take a few steps where previously I might not have. For instance, concrete floors in big box stores wreak havoc on my back so I occasionally use a motorized cart. I am trying NOT to do that. Though if my back hurts before even stepping foot in the store, all bets are off.

I weighed myself today, not first thing in the morning, but still, my weight was 329.8. Considering the “official” weight I logged for last week, which was up, I am pleased to be at 329.8. And it’s .8 pounds below the weight from the doctor’s office, so we are definitely calling this a win.

I have a host of issues this week (menstrual, dehydrated from antibiotic-induced diarrhea, struggling with my torn up kitchen, not getting enough sleep because of workers and house drama, etc), but none of these are excuses. I have not had a single day where I completely threw in the towel, though I did have one day (social event) where I let myself somewhat off the hook for a few hours. I did not binge or anything, I just didn’t count each piece of cauliflower with feta dip.

So that’s the week! I’m back on my fasting and have much higher hopes for this week’s efforts.